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Company name:A.h.wardle(plastering Contractors)limitedCompany number:00744373
Company name:A.wardle & Company(casters)limitedCompany number:00789001
Company name:H.h.wardle(metals)limitedCompany number:00998608
Company name:J.wardle & Son LimitedCompany number:00248070
Company name:Wardle & Co LimitedCompany number:05505548
Company name:Wardle & Griffiths LimitedCompany number:05977568
Company name:Wardle & Wardle LimitedCompany number:04178074
Company name:Wardle & Woollard International Sales LtdCompany number:04792031
Company name:Wardle (painters) LimitedCompany number:00840462
Company name:Wardle Accommodation LimitedCompany number:03699240
Company name:Wardle And Keach International LimitedCompany number:00208880
Company name:Wardle Associates LimitedCompany number:03396962
Company name:Wardle Carpentry And Joinery LtdCompany number:05165226
Company name:Wardle Conservative Club Company LimitedCompany number:00020830
Company name:Wardle Construction LtdCompany number:04391992
Company name:Wardle Consulting Engineers Ltd.Company number:04739353
Company name:Wardle Consulting LimitedCompany number:04538181
Company name:Wardle Court Management Company LimitedCompany number:02038871
Company name:Wardle Drilling And Geotechnical LimitedCompany number:04505945
Company name:Wardle Engineering Consultancy LimitedCompany number:03553528
Company name:Wardle Fray LimitedCompany number:04836651
Company name:Wardle Grindrod LimitedCompany number:05721819
Company name:Wardle Haynes Investment Properties LimitedCompany number:03583762
Company name:Wardle Homes LimitedCompany number:05792685
Company name:Wardle International LtdCompany number:05113611
Company name:Wardle Jocs LimitedCompany number:04698143
Company name:Wardle Marine Services LimitedCompany number:06215528
Company name:Wardle Mclean Estates LimitedCompany number:03890219
Company name:Wardle Mclean Strategic Research Consultancy LimitedCompany number:03223143
Company name:Wardle News LtdCompany number:05754291
Company name:Wardle O`donnell Wardle Developments LimitedCompany number:05581787
Company name:Wardle Office Supplies LimitedCompany number:03709482
Company name:Wardle Plant LimitedCompany number:05764993
Company name:Wardle Properties LimitedCompany number:04755974
Company name:Wardle Property Management LtdCompany number:06655576
Company name:Wardle Property Services LtdCompany number:04750418
Company name:Wardle Shaw Developments LimitedCompany number:05743299
Company name:Wardle Software Services LimitedCompany number:05184586
Company name:Wardle Spas LtdCompany number:05696349
Company name:Wardle Spring Water Company LimitedCompany number:02896416
Company name:Wardle Storeys (blackburn) LimitedCompany number:04804705
Company name:Wardle Storeys (earby) LimitedCompany number:04710820
Company name:Wardle Storeys (group) LimitedCompany number:04725879
Company name:Wardle Storeys (holdings) LimitedCompany number:04725930
Company name:Wardle Storeys (property) LimitedCompany number:04710854
Company name:Wardle Storeys (services) LimitedCompany number:04710842
Company name:Wardle Storeys Components LimitedCompany number:04710809
Company name:Wardle Technical Services LimitedCompany number:04762903
Company name:Wardle Transport (east Midlands) LimitedCompany number:05971353
Company name:Wardle Transport LimitedCompany number:05191130
Company name:Wardle Travel LimitedCompany number:01742774
Company name:Wardle Whittell LimitedCompany number:04730255
Company name:Wardle.white Consultancy Services LimitedCompany number:04178523
Company name:A. Wardle Garden & Landscaping Services LimitedCompany number:04049316
Company name:A.j. Wardle Consultants LimitedCompany number:01956224
Company name:Alan Wardle Holdings LimitedCompany number:04119904
Company name:Alan Wardle Signs LimitedCompany number:04119584
Company name:Andy Wardle Plumbing & Heating LtdCompany number:05349182
Company name:Arthur Wardle (builders) LimitedCompany number:00397116
Company name:Barbara Wardle LimitedCompany number:05424679
Company name:Beaumont Wardle Land Services LimitedCompany number:01536375
Company name:Bernard Wardle (coated Fabrics) LimitedCompany number:04130865
Company name:Bernard Wardle (everflex) LimitedCompany number:00071628
Company name:Bernard Wardle Group Pension Trust LimitedCompany number:01614214
Company name:Bernard Wardle Sales LimitedCompany number:00749591
Company name:C. Wardle Building Contractors LimitedCompany number:04313405
Company name:D Wardle (plant) LimitedCompany number:01041114
Company name:Daniel Wardle Plumbing LimitedCompany number:05542343
Company name:David Wardle Housing Services LimitedCompany number:05188226
Company name:David Wardle Transport Services LimitedCompany number:05198741
Company name:Donald Wardle And Son LimitedCompany number:02914910
Company name:Frank Wardle Design LimitedCompany number:02168996
Company name:G. Wardle Construction LimitedCompany number:03748857
Company name:G.r. Wardle & Son LimitedCompany number:03448610
Company name:Graham Wardle LimitedCompany number:06747497
Company name:Ian Wardle LimitedCompany number:06722509
Company name:J Wardle Transport LtdCompany number:05466108
Company name:Jamie Wardle LimitedCompany number:05977672
Company name:John Wardle LimitedCompany number:04486795
Company name:Lucy Wardle LimitedCompany number:06674906
Company name:M Wardle LimitedCompany number:04908900
Company name:Manning Wardle & Company LimitedCompany number:03356088
Company name:Manning Wardle Locomotives LimitedCompany number:05165339
Company name:Mark Wardle Electrical Services LimitedCompany number:05882592
Company name:Mark Wardle LtdCompany number:05112626
Company name:Peter Wardle LimitedCompany number:01184862
Company name:Peter Wardle LimitedCompany number:06672917
Company name:Simon Wardle Associates LimitedCompany number:04291946
Company name:Stephan Wardle DecoratorsCompany number:03919736
Company name:Stephen Wardle LtdCompany number:06357108
Company name:The Wardle Group LtdCompany number:05113608
Company name:Tommy Wardle LimitedCompany number:02682020
Company name:Tommy Wardle Properties LimitedCompany number:04189796
Company name:A H Wardle Builders LimitedCompany number:01890100
Company name:Collins And Wardle LtdCompany number:06661258
Company name:M A Wardle LimitedCompany number:04773707
Company name:P E Wardle LimitedCompany number:05555619
Company name:Philip J Wardle LimitedCompany number:05660462
Company name:R F Wardle LimitedCompany number:04363256
Company name:Seekings & Wardle Financial Services LimitedCompany number:05008353
Company name:Skills & Wardle Sports Tours LimitedCompany number:05839853
Company name:T. J. Wardle LimitedCompany number:04910819
Company name:A & N Wardle LtdCompany number:05517628
Company name:S & P Wardle LimitedCompany number:04693689
Company name:Lancashire & South Cumbria Neurological Alliance LtdCompany number:05418241
Company name:Nick Brookes Demolition LimitedCompany number:06346931
Company name:A & M Pople LimitedCompany number:04558380
Company name:Betterplan Design LimitedCompany number:06335321
Company name:Caroline Imrie Training LimitedCompany number:06388461
Company name:Docusolve LimitedCompany number:06530673
Company name:Hsb Private LimitedCompany number:06221970
Company name:Emg Networks LimitedCompany number:06411576
Company name:Neelima Enterprises LimitedCompany number:05486693
Company name:Omega Developments (uk) LimitedCompany number:06141157
Company name:Smart Project Resourcing LimitedCompany number:06183715
Company name:Woodhey Engineering Co. LimitedCompany number:05840717
Company name:Nwf Distribution Holdings LimitedCompany number:03707824
Company name:Nwf Fuels Holdings LimitedCompany number:03706449
Company name:St Edward`s And Highlands School LimitedCompany number:00953063
Company name:Straightline Development LtdCompany number:06038188
Company name:Tilehurst Scaffolding LimitedCompany number:03872650
Company name:Ubrae LimitedCompany number:06682134
Company name:Asa Micros LimitedCompany number:04722262
Company name:Atj Computer Consultants LimitedCompany number:03631943
Company name:B.m. Ryan LimitedCompany number:06454347
Company name:Brooklands Garage LtdCompany number:01191435
Company name:C.f.s. LtdCompany number:02868526
Company name:Canal Voyagers LimitedCompany number:05888806
Company name:Finditinmanchester LimitedCompany number:06465159
Company name:Fullertons LimitedCompany number:05701897
Company name:George M. Watson (construction) LimitedCompany number:01319792
Company name:Heatherbank Court Management Company LimitedCompany number:05260457
Company name:Incar Valet Centre LimitedCompany number:05598577
Company name:M And M Marketing LimitedCompany number:06566234
Company name:Mgs Drawing Office Services LimitedCompany number:05406189
Company name:Mnj Engineering LimitedCompany number:06398042
Company name:Multi Glazing Systems LimitedCompany number:02628441
Company name:Nick Brookes Recycling LimitedCompany number:06129848
Company name:P. Casey Enviro (buck Park) LimitedCompany number:05522477
Company name:P. Casey Enviro (clockface) LimitedCompany number:05773788
Company name:Radcliffe Motorhouse LimitedCompany number:01372418
Company name:Roberts Professional Courier Services LimitedCompany number:06698318
Company name:Rochdale Signs Ltd.Company number:03759634
Company name:Ron Bowen LimitedCompany number:06217795
Company name:V.n. Properties LimitedCompany number:06427707
Company name:Actfast Drain Services LtdCompany number:06664303
Company name:Agency Signs (uk) LtdCompany number:06525650
Company name:Ajc Admin Services LimitedCompany number:04957151
Company name:Andonne Heating Services LimitedCompany number:04677934
Company name:Bassett Fuels LimitedCompany number:01331099
Company name:Boughey Distribution LimitedCompany number:00797672
Company name:Broadland Fuels LimitedCompany number:03284313
Company name:Browns Of Burwell Ltd.Company number:00859488
Company name:Coulman Productions LimitedCompany number:05531465
Company name:Coulman`s LimitedCompany number:05682628
Company name:D.burbeck Transport LimitedCompany number:05664085
Company name:Dave`s Chippy (littleborough) LimitedCompany number:04871550
Company name:Dragon Petroleum LimitedCompany number:00574068
Company name:Enviro Services 1Company number:05318426
Company name:Fast-networks LimitedCompany number:04574322
Company name:Figaro Number One LimitedCompany number:02346128
Company name:Figaro Number Two LimitedCompany number:00312715
Company name:Forty One Designs LtdCompany number:05058097
Company name:Fresa Enterprises LimitedCompany number:06722227
Company name:Fuel Oil Supply Co LimitedCompany number:00656703
Company name:G.a. Newsome (haulage) LimitedCompany number:03004203
Company name:Godstall Interiors LimitedCompany number:04677767
Company name:J G W Thomas & Son LimitedCompany number:02747786
Company name:Jorgensen Studios LtdCompany number:05677582
Company name:Knutsford Domestic Fuel Oil Company LimitedCompany number:00658819
Company name:Lincolnshire Fuels LimitedCompany number:04260209
Company name:Liquorflow LimitedCompany number:04270476
Company name:Magic Hula Hoops LimitedCompany number:06713447
Company name:North Western Farmers LimitedCompany number:00666065
Company name:Nutrition Express LimitedCompany number:04367185
Company name:Nwf (nominees) LimitedCompany number:02289125
Company name:Nwf Agriculture Holdings LimitedCompany number:03704975
Company name:Nwf Agriculture LimitedCompany number:01117234
Company name:Nwf Fuels LimitedCompany number:01117133
Company name:Nwf Group PlcCompany number:02264971
Company name:Nwf LimitedCompany number:00833736
Company name:P. Casey Enviro (arden) LimitedCompany number:04896020
Company name:P. Casey Enviro (laneside) LimitedCompany number:04896018
Company name:Pennine Engineering & Computing Services LimitedCompany number:04618502
Company name:Pss Accountancy Services LimitedCompany number:06121867
Company name:R.l.h. LimitedCompany number:03889733
Company name:Rbh Electrical Contractors LimitedCompany number:05889188
Company name:Reward Engineering LimitedCompany number:05197487
Company name:Richmond Financial Solutions LtdCompany number:05490699
Company name:S D Stott LimitedCompany number:06144756
Company name:Sensory Trading LimitedCompany number:03265068
Company name:Socanal LimitedCompany number:05121142
Company name:The Barber Shop (l`boro) LtdCompany number:04917931
Company name:The Old Library Nursery LtdCompany number:05307175
Company name:The Results Consultancy LimitedCompany number:05108504
Company name:Total Plastic Solutions LtdCompany number:05765279
Company name:Xcessory LimitedCompany number:05663638
Company name:Aqua Claims LimitedCompany number:06656309
Company name:Bluestar Vending (rochdale) LimitedCompany number:05798325
Company name:Car And Commercial (tamworth) LimitedCompany number:02204386
Company name:Casey & Cullen LimitedCompany number:00929544
Company name:Casim LimitedCompany number:00977367
Company name:Csj (plant) LimitedCompany number:03181762
Company name:Frenfield LimitedCompany number:02300433
Company name:Laura Kutereba LtdCompany number:06526604
Company name:Leadbeaters (land Drains) LimitedCompany number:00183122
Company name:Lorna Fitzsimons Consulting LtdCompany number:05517979
Company name:Marble Industries (1985) LimitedCompany number:01183896
Company name:Master Sport Surfaces LimitedCompany number:01737168
Company name:Mossley A.f.c. (1988) LimitedCompany number:02414142
Company name:Northern Land Agricultural Improvements (latchford) LimitedCompany number:01921741
Company name:P. & C. Casey LimitedCompany number:00971363
Company name:P. Casey & Co., LimitedCompany number:01074194
Company name:P. Casey (builders Merchants) LimitedCompany number:01074193
Company name:P. Casey (civil Engineering) LimitedCompany number:01248260
Company name:P. Casey (developments) LimitedCompany number:01184395
Company name:P. Casey (land Reclamation) LimitedCompany number:01122137
Company name:P. Casey (plant Hire) LimitedCompany number:01074195
Company name:P. Casey (plant Sales) LimitedCompany number:03454563
Company name:Pilsworth Management Co LimitedCompany number:05001511
Company name:Pnl Wood Waste Solutions LimitedCompany number:06621031
Company name:S A Printer And Office Supplies LtdCompany number:05950468
Company name:Suite Dreams Uk LimitedCompany number:04459825
Company name:The Casey Group LimitedCompany number:04233269
Company name:Trans Arabian Exports LimitedCompany number:01183912

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