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Fairfield house, kingston, crescent, portsmouth, hampshire, po2 8aa

Company name:Admiral Homeloans LimitedCompany number:04723903
Company name:Advanced Data Networks LimitedCompany number:06454884
Company name:Advanced Data Technologies LimitedCompany number:06454796
Company name:Ameena Tandoori LimitedCompany number:04850737
Company name:Amiot Personnel Consultants LimitedCompany number:05269148
Company name:Astute Technical Recruitment LimitedCompany number:05739497
Company name:Barbara Patrick LimitedCompany number:05399358
Company name:Bissma Uk LimitedCompany number:04945769
Company name:Bps Property Developments LimitedCompany number:05061622
Company name:Btl Associates LimitedCompany number:05986612
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Map of Fairfield House, Kingston, Crescent, Portsmouth, Hampshire, Po2 8aa

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Company name:Carpet Clearances (havant) LimitedCompany number:05865928
Company name:Chinatool Uk LimitedCompany number:05132574
Company name:City House Development (management) LimitedCompany number:06276562
Company name:City House Development LimitedCompany number:06276565
Company name:Clean N Green LimitedCompany number:06387772
Company name:Cmws LimitedCompany number:05047994
Company name:Country Wide Special Events LimitedCompany number:02578640
Company name:Crimson Architects LimitedCompany number:06458362
Company name:Dhub LimitedCompany number:06301700
Company name:Elgo Trading LimitedCompany number:05535613
Company name:Euro Dive Services LimitedCompany number:03547609
Company name:Financial Atoms LimitedCompany number:05379362
Company name:Fleur Cerise LimitedCompany number:05870178
Company name:Gem Recruitments LimitedCompany number:06413608
Company name:H. Monfared (builders) LimitedCompany number:05312669
Company name:Hamilton Homeloans LimitedCompany number:05506169
Company name:Harbour Homeloans LimitedCompany number:05148694
Company name:Haslemere Fashion LimitedCompany number:05387313
Company name:Helen Donald LimitedCompany number:04974131
Company name:Holaw (479) LimitedCompany number:03702921
Company name:Incerti Management LimitedCompany number:06198569
Company name:Instant Mobility Installations LimitedCompany number:06432687
Company name:Islington Court LimitedCompany number:05885218
Company name:Jeeves Inventory Services LimitedCompany number:06396579
Company name:Kapai Hospitality LimitedCompany number:05907236
Company name:L J S Property Services LimitedCompany number:05362762
Company name:Larkhall Burn LimitedCompany number:04817493
Company name:Leaside Court LimitedCompany number:05977349
Company name:Lima Autogas Systems LimitedCompany number:06454903
Company name:Mark Sanders LimitedCompany number:06170675
Company name:Meonbarn LimitedCompany number:06269506
Company name:Michael Cover Adr LimitedCompany number:06345672
Company name:Netfidelity Uk LimitedCompany number:05692778
Company name:Next Generation Agency LimitedCompany number:05398103
Company name:Palm Developments Uk LimitedCompany number:05343149
Company name:Priority 5 LimitedCompany number:05379361
Company name:Priory Property Southern LimitedCompany number:05438493
Company name:Privatesail LimitedCompany number:05012802
Company name:R Wilson Services LimitedCompany number:04946429
Company name:Rowthorn Signs LimitedCompany number:05278528
Company name:Salisbury Apartments LimitedCompany number:05318359
Company name:Sohcom LimitedCompany number:05596278
Company name:Solent Homeloans LimitedCompany number:05977461
Company name:Southern Green Europe LimitedCompany number:05648267
Company name:Southsea Estates Building LimitedCompany number:05273139
Company name:Sporting Excellence Life Fitness LimitedCompany number:06324617
Company name:The Green Vehicle Company LimitedCompany number:06297748
Company name:The Philip Brindley Corporation LimitedCompany number:05235879
Company name:Thorburn Consulting LimitedCompany number:05880984
Company name:Tudorvale Properties LimitedCompany number:03361554
Company name:Tyler Site Maintenance LimitedCompany number:05421334
Company name:Vanguard Homeloans LimitedCompany number:05225025
Company name:Williams Catering LimitedCompany number:04764395
Company name:Yuejin Technical & Development LimitedCompany number:06297790
Company name:Zig Enterprises LimitedCompany number:05826467

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