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1 finsbury avenue, london, ec2m 2pp

Company name:Apollo Nominees Ltd.Company number:00599501
Company name:British Industrial Corporation LimitedCompany number:00154139
Company name:Lewis Powell Nominees LimitedCompany number:00306315
Company name:Painewebber Uk HoldingsCompany number:02158552
Company name:Pan Nominees LimitedCompany number:01859332
Company name:Productive Nominees LimitedCompany number:00841394
Company name:S.g. Nominees Korea LimitedCompany number:00358119
Company name:S.g. Securities U.k. LimitedCompany number:00292689
Company name:S.g. Warburg & Co. (afs) Ltd.Company number:02849044
Company name:S.g. Warburg & Company LimitedCompany number:01121735
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Company name:S.g. Warburg Overseas Ltd.Company number:01929335
Company name:Sbc Group (uk) Pension Trust Fund LimitedCompany number:01777763
Company name:Sun Street Properties LimitedCompany number:05544537
Company name:Ubs (2003) LimitedCompany number:01546399
Company name:Ubs Clearing And Execution Services LimitedCompany number:03123037
Company name:Ubs International Ib LimitedCompany number:01767389
Company name:Ubs International Uk LimitedCompany number:02418504
Company name:Ubs LimitedCompany number:02035362
Company name:Ubs Nominees Alpha LimitedCompany number:04999959
Company name:Ubs Pension Trustee Company LimitedCompany number:00985462
Company name:Ubs Pensions Trustees Uk LimitedCompany number:02390279
Company name:Ubs Private Banking Nominees LtdCompany number:00185437
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2005-01 LtdCompany number:03216656
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2005-02 LtdCompany number:01904793
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2005-11 LtdCompany number:02521695
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2005-12 LtdCompany number:01518701
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2006-01 LtdCompany number:01928270
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2006-02 LtdCompany number:03490880
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2006-03 LtdCompany number:02023823
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2006-04 LtdCompany number:03049856
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2006-05 LtdCompany number:02661325
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2006-06 LtdCompany number:01864154
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2006-07 LtdCompany number:03588034
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2007-01 PlcCompany number:01874486
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2007-03 LtdCompany number:02110931
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2007-04 LtdCompany number:01546796
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2007-05 LtdCompany number:01801463
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2007-06 LtdCompany number:00117573
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2008-03 LtdCompany number:03507382
Company name:Ubs Reorganisation 2008-04 LtdCompany number:01546797
Company name:Ubs Securities International LimitedCompany number:01585287
Company name:Ubs Securities LimitedCompany number:01795732
Company name:Ubs Securities Nominees LimitedCompany number:02003089
Company name:Ubs Services LimitedCompany number:02099086
Company name:Ubs Trustee Company LimitedCompany number:01960703
Company name:Ubs Uk Holding LimitedCompany number:01931397
Company name:Ubs Uk Properties LimitedCompany number:01501299
Company name:Ubs Warburg LtdCompany number:01881039
Company name:Ubs Wealth Management (uk) LtdCompany number:01325665
Company name:Union Bank Of Switzerland (pensions) LimitedCompany number:00977483
Company name:Warburco Nominees LtdCompany number:00450080

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